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Compassion Process Modules

(SIX sessions per module)


In this module, you will be supported to get really clear about where you are in your life right now and then to create a clear vision for your life. This is truly about changing the world from the inside out. If you want more meaningful connection in your life, you need to get more connected to yourself. Through a series of embodiment practices and inquiry processes, you will get clarity around your core values and how to align your life to them.


Compassion is now known to be a key process for helping us to find more happiness and meaning in our lives. It helps us to live life to the fullest. In this module, you will learn the 6 key attributes of compassion and the 6 skills needed to develop a more compassionate nature. In this module, you will also learn about the flow of Compassion and where your particular blocks or resistances may be and how to overcome them. 


Understanding emotions (both yours and others) is instrumental in developing more meaningful connections in your life. In this module you will learn useful practices for coping with strong emotions both in yourself and others with kindness and warmth. This module also covers “emotional granularity”, which essentially is our emotional literacy and the key to becoming more emotionally intelligent. 


Shame, self criticism and self attacking can severely undermine our contentment and well-being. High levels of shame and self criticism are strongly correlated with anger, anxiety, and depression. Learn a simple process for transforming your inner critic and becoming your own best friend. Learn about the Shame Spiral and how to recognise and transform shame when it threatens to bring you down and overwhelm you. Learn positive ways to motivate and improve yourself instead of shame and criticism. 


The quality of your relationship with yourself determines the quality of your life. Building a strong foundation of self compassion helps us to navigate life with more gentleness, kindness and acceptance. To become a more compassionate person, you must first learn to be more compassionate with yourself. In this module, you will be guided through a series of compassion-focused exercises and learn a process of compassionate self-correction for self improvement rather than criticism and shame. 


Learn and practise a simple 4-step communication process that supports you to communicate with honesty and compassion. Compassionate Communication is also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, this is a way of communicating that helps us to connect with ourselves and others from the heart.

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