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“Filippa has guided me through so many big experiences in my life. As a wilderness guide, I wouldn’t want anyone else walking beside me.” 

– Meghan Kurts-Forrester

Meghan Kurts-Forrester – Evohe Skin Care

When Meghan Kurts-Forrester, the founder and CEO of EVOHE – an ethical skincare company, first started The Compassion Process, she was in a very dark place and struggling to cope with all the curve balls that life was throwing at her.

Through developing a practice of self-compassion, learning more effective communication skills, and working to transform her inner critic into her inner best friend, Meghan is now a much happier, stronger and more resilient person.

Filippa is so inclusive and her tone is truly empathic. She has been such a huge gift in my life. I would want that for anyone. 


Jo Brown

“Filippa has got a depth of heart and compassion that is quite remarkable.”

Meghan Kurts-Forrester

“I’ve come out the other side (of the Inner Critic process) understanding more about what’s motivating me.”

The Compassion Process can help you with …

Emotional Regulation

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Would you like to be less reactive and have more control over how you respond to certain people or situations? Learning body-based ways to have more awareness of your emotions can really help with emotional regulation. With good emotional regulation, you can respond from the better version of yourself rather than from a place of reactivity. 

Stress & Anxiety

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Developing a strong foundation and practice of Self Compassion has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Learn practical exercises to develop kindness and compassion towards yourself. 

Someone to Talk To

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Perhaps you are really just wanting to be deeply heard in whatever is going on in your life at the moment. Sometimes, deep empathy and attentive listening is all you need to feel better or get some clarity around an issues. Deep empathic listening can be transformative and healing. 

Family Member Conflict

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Are you experiencing conflict with a member of your family? Learn some useful ways to communicate so that you can both be heard and understood and that can lead to more peaceful outcomes. 

Life Purpose

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Are you feeling a bit directionless and would love to have some clarity around your life’s purpose? Learn some clear processes you can use to connect with your life’s purpose. 


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Learning compassion towards yourself and others has been proven to reduce depression and improve coping strategies. Strengthening your inner experience of understanding, safety, warmth and comfort tones down your protective threat system and tones up your soothing calming system to a more balanced state. 

Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in an effective and positive way. Improving your EQ helps you to communicate better, reduce stress and anxiety, defuse conflicts, improve relationships, be more empathic, and cope with life’s challenges more effectively. EQ enables us to live our lives with intention, purpose and autonomy. 


Communication Issues

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Compassionate Communication focuses on the universal human needs that connect us all. When we learn to place needs at the heart of communication, finding solutions that suit everyone is much easier. Learn to communicate from your heart with wisdom and empathy and experience transformation in all your relationships. 

Self Criticism

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Self criticism is one of the most disruptive inner processes and barriers to happiness and well-being. Be guided through a series of processes that help you switch from shame-based self criticism to compassion-based self-correction and move you towards living a more compassionate life.

Isolation & Loneliness

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Isolation and loneliness are at epidemic proportions in modern society. People are more disconnected than ever before. Learn how to live a more connected life both with yourself and others and how to foster deeper and more meaningful connections in the relationships that matter to you.

Anger, Guilt and Shame

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Anger, guilt and shame are key emotions that serve to signal to us that we have needs that are not being met and are associated with ideas of wrongdoing. Learning to interact compassionately with the thoughts that stimulate our anger, guilt or shame helps us to start focusing on what we need rather than on what we or others are doing wrong. These are key feelings that can help you to get more Respect, Acceptance, Belonging, and Freedom in your life.

Work Life Balance

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If you’re struggling with work-life balance, then chances are you need some support with getting clear about what really matters to you and then how to focus more on these core values in your daily life. Learn simple daily practices that will help you to bring more balance into your everyday life.

"I have learnt a life skill that will totally change the way I communicate with myself and others. Filippa listened to my questions and gave practical, empathic suggestions and skills to help me understand the process and its flow."

Alissa, singer/songwriter/healer – Age 57

“I would just like to thank you for arriving in my life at a very pivotal point. You have inspired me to think about what is important in my life as well as to focus more on engaging with my emotional self. I have already seen some positive developments in my relationships with others and I can slowly let go of a cluttered mind, to one of peace and clarity.”

workshop participant

“I experienced profound results with Compassionate Communication in my personal relationship and was very fortunate to have Filippa support my partner and I directly with this process. We continue to use it as the base for all of our communication, especially the “tricky” stuff."

Meg, Age 42