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Foundation Training in Compassionate Communication (NVC)

The Gifts of Compassionate Communication
(Foundation Training in Nonviolent Communication)

weekend workshop 20-21 April 2024
Currumbin Ecovillage, Queensland, Australia

Are you:

  • experiencing recurring conflicts?
  • wanting to deal with conflict more effectively?
  • regularly experiencing situations of being attacked, disrespected, judged, misunderstood?
  • struggling to manage your reactivity in key relationships?
  • feeling powerless or “less than” in relationship with others?
  • longing to feel more empowered and creatively in charge of your life and its direction?
  • frustrated by the obstacles and things not working out the way you want?

Then this 2-day Foundational Training "The Gifts of Compassionate Communication" could be for you.

This 2-day training in Compassionate Communication (aka Nonviolent Communication or NVC) will be a foundational training for those new to this model as well as a brush-up for those who have some experience of it. The workshop is interactive, fun and a very safe space in which you will be gently guided and supported to work on key interactions in important relationships in your life, in an empowering way.

Dissolving Enemy Images and Transforming Shame
(Intermediate Training in Nonviolent Communication)

1-day workshop 25 May 2024
Currumbin Ecovillage, Queensland, Australia

This 1-day workshop supports you to ...

  • deepen your practice of Nonviolent Communication
  • dissolve an enemy image you have of someone through a powerful process
  • transform shame with The Compass of
  • work through communication challenges you may be experiencing
  • dive more deeply into the universal human needs
  • live more authentically in connection with the living energy of needs

About this workshop

This is an intermediate training for people who have previously attended a 2-day foundational training. This 1-day training in Nonviolent Communication will be held in Currumbin Ecovillage (venue to be advised). It will be a flexible day customised to the needs and requests of the group and include 2 processes that we have found powerful for dissolving enemy images and transforming shame.

Compassionate Communication Coaching
(1:1 private coaching with Filippa)

What I most love to do is accompany people as they work out how to show up more fully as their whole selves in their lives. Having overcome a past of significant adversity, I have gathered a lot of tools and resources that I love to share with those who want to do the work to become who they really want to be in their lives. Besides nonviolent communication, I have studied with a lot of mentors, both online and in person. These include Compassion-Focused Therapy with Professor Paul Gilbert and Bruce Anderson of the Core Gift Institute.

If there is a key relationship in your life that you'd like to improve or you want to get more self-connected, then one-on-one coaching/accompaniment may be what can help you move forward in your life. You might like to book a free 30-minute discovery call with me to see if we are a fit for each other. Or feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

Here is a testimonial from Meghan Kurts-Forrester who has done some 1:1 coaching with me. And from Jo Brown

Other Events, Trainings & Courses

Effective Communication in 4 Simple Steps (online)

This course gives you a brief overview and introduction to a 4-step model that can help you to communicate more effectively.

What you'll learn

  • How to deal with conflict more effectively
  • Self-empowerment
  • How can I get more of what I want in life?
  • 4 Simple steps to help my communication


start any time; learn at your own pace

online course

Self Compassion: Transform Your Inner Critic into Your Best Friend (online)

What you'll learn

  • An improved sense of Self-Worth and Deeper Self-Connection
  • Tools for Healing Past Wounds and Building Emotional Resilience
  • Inner Resources for Enhanced Well-Being
  • Deeper Connections and Healthier Relationships
  • A stronger sense of Direction and Purpose
  • Self-Confidence


start any time; learn at your own pace

online course

About Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication is a language of connection.

It is a communication model that focuses on universal human needs – the needs that connect us all.

Fundamentally, it’s about me sharing what needs are most alive in me and you sharing what needs are most alive in you.

It’s about translating our thoughts, judgements, analyses, diagnoses, labels and criticisms into honest, heart-based language.

It’s about owning our feelings and clearly expressing what we want.

When we focus on communicating what is in our hearts and what really matters to us, we can more easily transition from “me” to “we”.

Meaningful relationships grow out of authentic and honest communication that is delivered with warmth and kindness.

With Self Compassion as your base and Compassion as your core value, you can learn to communicate with love, even when you have difficult messages to deliver or receive.


Belinda Rennie
– Natural Menopause Help

Belinda Rennie is a qualified Nutritionist and smartDNA practitioner with a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (Melbourne) and a Bachelor of Applied Science. Her practice, Natural Menopause, is based in the lush hills of Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast where she lives with her partner and enjoys the comings and goings of her young adult daughters.

the beauty of Filippa’s work is that she creates this amazing, safe and contained and held space, for whatever comes up. In that safe space, she really creates this beautiful, compassionate, caring, and very guiding and direct experience for us. – Belinda Rennie (

Profound Results

“I experienced profound results with Compassionate Communication in my personal relationship and was very fortunate to have Filippa support my partner and I directly with this process. We continue to use it as the base for all of our communication, especially the “tricky” stuff.

I soon realised that on a business level, Compassionate Communication could benefit my whole team and so I asked Filippa to run a weekly series with my staff. I soon noticed a more conscious connection in how we communicated with each other, and there was a level of clarity that we had never had before. Now, when issues arise, we have a clear course of action through using NVC techniques and resolutions can be found naturally and easily.

I believe the practice of conscious, compassionate communication can change our world from the ground up.”

Meghan Kurts-Forrester, CEO,

Powerful for resolving blocks

“I highly recommend this process and have found it very powerful for understanding and resolving blocks in communication. ”

Dr Christina Houen, PhD.
Author and Editor
NSW, Australia

Safe and Supportive

“I was impressed by Filippa’s thorough preparation and expertise as a teacher. Her Compassionate Communication classes provided a very safe and supportive environment. It was both a learning and fun experience, and I’d definitely recommend Filippa’s courses.”

Dr John McAndrew, PhD. UK

Workshop Participants say …

“I am so satisfied with how this course was presented. Filippa has an engaging and nurturing teaching style. … I felt very comfortable, supported and engaged. … I loved everything about the course..”
“Totally satisfied. I felt valued and respected and included. … I liked the way Filippa presented in such a straight-forward, open, relaxed, simple and honest manner.”
“I have learnt a life skill that will totally change the way I communicate with myself and others. Filippa listened to my questions and gave practical, empathic suggestions and skills to help me understand the process and its flow.”
“This training has given me the tools and the path to have a deep and honest internal dialogue with myself. It has enabled me to be gentle with myself and also with every other person I interact with.”
“I felt very comfortable, supported and engaged. Filippa allowed people the space to talk and express what was going on for them. In facilitating the training, she gave the perfect amount of guidance – never pushy – never judgemental, never shaming – just perfect, gentle guidance.”
“Filippa was extremely sensitive to dealing with questions and concerns. Being one of the slower members of the group, I could easily have expected to not have my needs met – but the reverse happened. Without slowing the whole group down, she was able to see everyone’s needs were met – excellent teacher.”
“I would just like to thank you for arriving in my life at a very pivotal point. Your strong message and belief in compassionate communication and its potential as a life changer has really inspired me to think more about what is important in my life as well as to focus more on engaging with my emotional self. I have already seen some positive developments in my relationships with others and I can slowly let go of a cluttered mind, to one of peace and clarity.”
“Filippa has a very warm and caring approach and because she shared her personal experiences freely, this developed a bond with participants that contributed greatly to the effectiveness of the course.”
“Sharing of personal thoughts and feelings is a challenge and not encouraged in everyday life; thus, it is a credit to Filippa’s approach and high standards that this was done in a safe and confidential way.”
“I felt very comfortable and connected. Filippa managed to create a very safe space for us all to share. I am not sure how she created such an intimate space between a group of (mostly) strangers, yet she did! I think what really made the difference is that Filippa embodied the work, spoke openly with her own examples, and was really an example of a goal to reach. It was a course that definitely met my needs and expectations for growth, connection, fun, learning and so much more!”

Really beautifully organised and delivered. Well-timed, calm, clear, inclusive, diversely and originally delivered with great resources in a dynamic way. Fun and engaging. Filippa’s vulnerability, sharing , generosity, flexibility and relaxed style was really enjoyable.