Three years ago, I had the sense that I was about to go through a huge transition in my life, but I couldn’t see my way forward or what I needed to do to facilitate the process.

Then I had a most vivid dream….

I was standing at a kitchen sink washing dishes. The kitchen was in the middle of the house with large windows overlooking a lush green back garden. The sink was in the middle under the window. Around me, the house was peaceful, quiet, and tidy – earthy colours and a serene feeling. All of a sudden, a huge magenta-coloured wolf came loping into the garden and loped around the perimeter of the back garden in a large lazy circle. My jaw dropped and I watched in awe and complete stillness. As the wolf completed its circuit of the yard, I suddenly realised that the sliding door to the right of me was wide open and I had no time to go and close it.

I froze. Sure enough, the wolf came through the sliding door and into the house. I stayed absolutely still, unable to move as it came through the living area behind me and then into the kitchen from my left side. It approached me from behind and then ever so gently, placed its head over my left shoulder and embraced me with its neck. I relaxed back into it, knowing it meant no harm although not understanding why it was here.

After I woke in the morning, the wolf stayed with me – I could always sense it walking by my right side, like a guardian and protector, accompanying me. A few weeks later, I had the strong sense that my husband was not well and a few months after that, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that he died from 11 months after that.

Now I know the wolf came to accompany me through this time. I don’t feel it now. It faded around the time he died. I believe that dreams can hold messages and wisdom for us, if we can learn to listen to them.